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Traffic Fines Cancelled, Reduced or Refunded

With your copy of the Traffic Fines Toolkit, you'll be able to:

  • Get Your Traffic Fines Cancelled
  • Get Many Traffic Fines Refunded
  • Avoid Roadblock Tickets
  • Avoid Getting Demerit Points
  • And do it all LEGALLY!

You'll be amazed at how much money you'll save in traffic fines. I am so sure of it, I personally guarantee all your...

Traffic Fines Cancelled, Reduced or Refunded


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"I bought your toolkit last year some time and it has really worked for me."

- Jolandie K.
Attorney, Notary

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Did you know...
Most fines and demerits can be overturned because of the rules
(your legal rights!) that the Traffic Department counts on your not knowing?

Did you know...
It's almost impossible to find a ticket that doesn't have a flaw?
These mistakes and flaws range from the number of days after the
offence that the fine has to be issued, to where the crosshair is in the
picture to name a few!

Why Don't You Know This?
That's because the enforcement system doesn't want you to know!


The whole traffic fines system is designed to take your hard earned cash away, but I am going to show you how to keep it with The Traffic Fines Toolkit!

"I found the first toolkit extremely helpful, we had quite a few fines written off!
Thank you!"

Lorraine M.

Read What Others Say

I Want to Keep My Money!


There are multiple cars in this photo

making this ticket unenforceable

Here's My Story...

I Paid Out Over R7000 in Fines!

I paid out over R7000 in traffic fines to the South African government over 5 years, even AFTER getting them REDUCED by a "friend"!

At the time, I thought I was really doing well. As I thought about it more and more, I realized how the South African traffic enforcement system milks us for everything they can get.


I Started Getting Mad!

Every time I started to get some money saved up, along came another stupid red-bordered letter from traffic enforcement. They would warn and threaten me with the full force of the law if I didn't pay. My frustration peaked, I said a few swear words (well, maybe more than "a few") because I knew I would have to pay the bloody fines.

Don't get mad get SMART...

Get the Traffic Fines Tool Kit Now!


Then I found someone smarter than me!

Just before the fines were due, I ran into an lawyer friend of mine who told me how he just laughed when he got a ticket. He even said he never pays a single ticket! I thought for sure my friend was wanted throughout the country for not paying the fines. When I started looking for the police to charge in and arrest him, he laughed at me, saying "I don't have to pay, because I know my rights."

My immediate reply was...


And so he did... Now I can teach you...
The legal, ethical way to reduce fines, avoid demerits and save your licence!

Learn Your Rights, get The Traffic Fines Toolkit!

Traffic Fine Refunds

Did you know you can get many fines refunded? If you have paid a traffic fine since 1 November 2008, you may well get a FULL REFUND of that fine.

Your Traffic Fines Toolkit will show you which fines qualify and EXACTLY how to get them refunded. Just fill the in the form provided and wait for the money to arrive.
It's that simple!

Notices of Infringement

Something the court system doesn't tell you is that a letter in the mail is NOT a summons or a conviction. It is merely a notice, and means you should challenge it. Using the methods I teach, you can get your tickets cancelled or refunded.

Quickly, Easily and Legally!

I Want my Fines Refunded!


Some things you'll receive in your Traffic Fines Toolkit:

With your copy of the Traffic Fines Toolkit, you'll be able to:

  • Get Your Traffic Fines Cancelled
  • Get Many Traffic Fines Refunded
  • Avoid Roadblock Tickets
  • Avoid Getting Demerit Points
  • And do it all LEGALLY!
We Guarantee you can get Every Fine Either Reduced or Dismissed Entirely!
Valued at Over R2000
Get Yours for only R 399!

IBCIM.ORG Merchant Certified Seal of Approval

IBCIM.ORG Merchant Certified Seal of Approval

Our 100% Unconditional Guarantee:

If you cannot get a fine cancelled or reduced using the methods we teach in the Traffic Fines ToolKit, we will give you a FULL refund of the cost of the Traffic Fines Tool Kit

This is the best guarantee you'll find ANYWHERE!


Order Now and Receive These Bonuses:


FREE Lifetime Updates

Traffic Rules and Regulations change from time to time. You'll never have to worry, because you'll always be up to date with the latest regulations by providing you with lifetime updates to your Traffic Fines Toolkit...

for FREE

These updates would normally cost R500 per year,but you get them


with your purchase of the toolkit

Get Your TrafficFinesToolkit
With All Bonuses Now!



FREE Lifetime access to the Traffic Fines Toolkit member Forum

This is a special forum for members only,to help each other when faced with unjust Traffic Fines. Current members include lawyers, former traffic officers and other experienced members of the public who can advise you on your particular circumstances.

Membership is worth R50 per month, but you get full membership

Absolutely FREE!

(with your purchase of the Traffic Fines Toolkit.)

Get Your TrafficFinesToolkit
With All Bonuses Now!



FREE Advanced Offensive Driving Techniques Ebook

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Written by a former rally and demolition derby driver, our
Advanced Driving Techniques Ebook
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